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Kicking around a concept

Consider the tools available to us.

Angular, React, Vue, Next – our content can live separate from the content systems. JAMStacks give us Headless content, and JavaScript based view layers.

The routes now live on the client instead of a redirection from the server.

Consider the content is driven through JSON NoSQL structures which can morph over time. These can be duplicated and morphed based on success.

Consider the functions do not need to be in a big software monolith framework, but can instead exist in the functional pieces of the view layer by and large.

Functions can now live in a function source and media can store directly in their own system.

All of these systems - the view/client, the content, the functions, media/files - can operate in concert in systems tailored to their purpose.

You have Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, AWS, etc.

Instead of Compute Engine, AppEngine, etc, you can scale more naturally across the services directly.

I know I am not the first to consider this, but I can see a service that brings Headless and Serverless functionality in a simplified Content Management or Site platform.


Darren Odden

Darren Odden

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Kicking around a concept
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