Code. Design. Story. Strategy.

Design for people

Code for function

Story for bemusement

Strategy for longevity

Code. Design. Story. Strategy.
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Developer Advocate; Code Agnostic!

Many get that one tool and want to build everything with it.

The same as a craftsman has specialized tools for each job they perform, I have learned different languages specialized for their specific situation.

Applications need to be easy to use and consider how people will use them, or it isn’t helpful.

After all – you can hammer a nail with a skill saw, but it doesn’t mean you should


People are the designation!

Logomarks, mobile applications, and magazines all have commonalities – people use them.

A logomark helps people know who has made or is selling a product or service.

Apps need to be useful and should simplify a person’s day.

Magazines, newspapers, and presentations need to convey information easily without wearing down the reader.

Think of entering a dark room new to you. Do you have to think about turning on the lights?

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