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A FRESHStart for 2016

As we take a FRESHStart into 2016, we take this moment of introspection to see what we did in 2015, so we know where we are going for the new year.

2015 at Odden Creative was a year for identifying who we are and what we do. I felt we were getting off track and losing focus of what we do.

Sure we do photography, media work, and typography, but that really isn’t how we identify ourselves. We defined ourselves as a Full Stack Web Design and Development Agency that focuses on empathetic product offerings.

More simply put, we build web experiences that start with your user.

Odden Creative has been known and contacted often to help get failed website launches and campaigns back on track. It had been joked that I was “The Fixer”. You could contract with Odden Creative now to do it right, or you could contract with us later to fix you, but we would be working with each other eventually.

Many times this has been true, and for those who opted to use a competitor I suggested, they avoided this scenario.

As we took the time to reposition Odden Creative, we looked at the possibility of branding how we fix others. This could be great, but our goal is to make the site experience awesome before it needs to be fixed.

The man himself
Why would we want to do this? I mean we can make more off of a broken site. But that is less important to us than a client having a good experience, to begin with. We want the website going up to be a positive experience for the client. So as we do with our clients, we started looking at how we could empathize with our own clients.

A good user experience is the most important thing for us, so we started looking at who our users are. Sure we looked at demographics, but we really want to know who specifically our users are so we looked at who we do business with and determine what it was they liked about us, what their needs are, who they are, and what dreams they may have.

We built a problem solution matrix to see how we could solve their needs and then tied this to to our own offering attributes. We created a priority matrix that builds off of our SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) and have created a strategy to help build our unique value.

![Group strategy](https://storage.googleapis.com/darren-by-design.appspot.com/images/cc502a3e-phad-pichetbovornkul-269226.jpeg)
The fact that we do this for our clients, and for ourselves (though it is much harder to do it for us) is really our Unique Value for our clients.

We are launching FRESHStart this year as a result of our repositioning efforts. We take the tools we have developed for fixing our clients and have built a framework around it that we use to create a FRESHStart to their business strategy. We are helping drive digital marketing campaigns, design needs, and business strategy.

Our key focus is in web design and web development, but we start with the user’s experience and match it to the business initiatives.

I am looking to our FRESHStart Initiative to help others build successful strategies for their own businesses, and will be offering workshops to educate how to utilize the framework for success as we move into 2016.

What are your plans for 2016?

Darren Odden

Darren Odden

The charismatic megafauna of love. Built by Divine Design architecting strategies designed to engage. Frank Lloyd Wright shed a single glistening tear at the beauty of his application architecture.

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A FRESHStart for 2016
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