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An iPhone Rig to Slay an Interview

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People tend to let their nerves get the better of them in interview situations.

Involving a mass of lights, microphones, cases of gear can set the subject of an interview on edge.

While a controlled environment with all the equipment is desirable to the look, it is not the desired effect for a documentary or news story to put the subject on the defensive.

The best scenario is when the subject forgets about the equipment; it is just two people talking freely and the best material comes through.

Because of all these factors, I took extra time to think about improving the workflow when sitting down with people to discuss their stories. “Less is more” is an adage I try to live by in all situations. Make things easier, not more complicated. So I set forth to find a setup for filming with my iPhone that is compact and less intimidating.

To begin, I am using an iPhone 6s Plus with a defender Otterbox because life happens. It is a solid case with a built in screen protector. The ports are covered and easily accessible when you need to get to them. It is not waterproof so I would recommend against using it to shoot video in the rain.

I have been using Manfrotto tripods for quite a while for shooting pictures and video and had a PIXI tripod for shooting from a table or from the ground. I tried a couple of mounts until I found a LOHA phone clamp that I could use with ease.

Rode microphones have always been in my kit when shooting documentaries, even when I have a person on a lav mic. They are just dependable. The question I came to was how to mount the microphone to work with the phone.

My years in photography reminded me of using light bars. It took a while of researching different lightbars that could fit with the dimensions, but I finally found a good one.

Watch the video to see how it came together with and without rode mic for audio quality. Pictures to follow.

Discussing the new video rig with sound comparison with and without the Rode Videomic

iPhone6s Plus, Monfroto PIXI, Videomic

Rode Videomic and light bar

iPhone6s Plus, Monfroto PIXI, Videomic

LOHA tripod phone clamp and Manfrotto PIXI

iPhone6s Plus, Monfroto PIXI, Videomic

iPhone 6s Plus with Rode Videomic Rig

Darren Odden

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An iPhone Rig to Slay an Interview
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