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My Selection from 27 Strategies for Blog Post Ideas

As I build on my writing skills, I am reading more and more about strategies others are employing for getting ideas and developing my thought. To be successful in anything I do, I find I need to streamline my own process to fit in my own work style. That said, I have found some great pearls of wisdom coming from a write up by Aaron Agius on JeffBullas.com27 Killer Strategies for Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas.

While many are great ideas, I of course have an opinion on what might work best in my own workflow. When considering what to write about, I start by considering what is going to be written about. That helps to start your focus for what to research and take notes on.

#6 Use Google’s suggestions is a great source for me when I am considering what to write. Google suggestions are a great resource for alternate topics. Simply type in a search topic you would typically look for and see what Google start’s suggesting.

#11 Dive into Quora – I don’t just go strolling though Quora looking for ideas for writing. I go to either ask or answer a question. I will go there to kill time while waiting on a task to complete, and in doing so, might find a topic to write on.

I love Quora for the simple fact that the trolls need not apply. If they do, they get down voted, and sent into obscurity. You get some real greats answering questions, too. It is an amazing place for real thought motivators to answer a question one might hope to get a decent answer, and, instead, get a real meaningful answer.

#13 Use an idea generator – A blog idea generator is an outstanding tool. Simply type in a subject and click the arrow to generate the title. Their’s, and, coincidentally, my favorite tool is the Content Idea Generator by Portent’s. The tool generates a title that gives you a start for an article or blog idea.

#26 Google Alerts is a great place to mine ideas. You type in your topic(s) that you want to watch at Google Alerts. You can see what other’s are writing, and gives you a chance to respond, counter an idea, support, or even just start a new thought where others are trending. It is a clickbait of sorts, but it can help bring attention to your writing and thus your website. It also gives you an idea what is trending and how people are approaching subjects.

Additionally, I like to curate articles that I like for future reference with Evernote. I keep the articles sorted by topic (Design, Development, Photography, Typography, etc.) and refer back to them. I do this for ideas for writing, but also to refresh my thoughts and learn a new technique I might have forgotten.


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My Selection from 27 Strategies for Blog Post Ideas
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