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Obama Foundation Launches WordPress Powered Website

“More than a library or a museum, it will be a living, working center for citizenship,” President Obama said. “That’s why we want to hear from you. Tell us what you want this project to be and tell us what’s on your mind.”

As President Obama launches back into society as a citizen after holding eight years as President, the Obama Foundation launched a new site powered by WordPress, as first reported by WP Tavern.

It uses New Relic for site health and Yoast SEO for WordPress to help drive page and content optimization. It is also noted that the WP REST API, introduced in WordPress 4.7, shows up in the header information.

WordPress is a great platform to use as a launch platform with its ease of administration, content editing, SEO friendly nature. It is easy to see why Blue State Digital decided to go that direction. It should also be noted that Blue State Digital was active during the campaigns.

This is the first website to use WordPress for a Presidential center website.

Source: Obama Foundation Launches New Website Powered by WordPress – WordPress Tavern

Darren Odden

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Obama Foundation Launches WordPress Powered Website
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