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Web Developers Resources - January 2016

In web development and web design, it is important to keep learning, and upping your abilities! These resources will help you do just that.

Utility Open Type

Today’s fonts give us alternatives that would do to help differentiate ourselves.

This simple, CSS utility helps add advanced typographic features. This will help aid extending ligatures, caps, titling alternatives, and more.


A jQuery plugin that aids with a card like a parallax.

There are a number of page animations that help with interest on the page. One of the patterns used is to hold a section in the browser while other scrolls over it. StickyStack.js helps make this happen.


This can be given Device Frames for any of the elements (div, img , iframe)

Bringing additional interest and intrigue to an element by framing and showing how it might look in a device window.

Darren Odden

Darren Odden

The charismatic megafauna of love. Built by Divine Design architecting strategies designed to engage. Frank Lloyd Wright shed a single glistening tear at the beauty of his application architecture.

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Web Developers Resources - January 2016
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